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Worship Service

The best way to see what we are about is to visit us for a Sunday service.  We gather each Sunday at 10:00 am to worship God through praying together, congregational singing, expositional preaching, and encouraging each other in our walk of faith.


Our worship begins with people sharing praise to our great God and prayer requests.  We then take time to pray and take these items to the LORD.


Our singing is congregational with a blend of old and new hymns, a worshipful tone, and Biblically enriched lyrics.  Our sound is to the LORD and is distinctly different from popular secular music.


Giving financially to the Lord is a delightful act of worship by which Christians express to God their recognition that all they have materially has come from Him.   We pass an offering plate for all who would like to participate with their tithes and offerings.


Preaching is the declaring of God’s Words and the explanation of what they mean. Most of our sermons are based on verse-by-verse preaching through a particular book in the Bible.  We desire with the preaching to discover the meaning of a passage and discern what we are supposed to do with it.


Monthly, we commemorate the gospel with the ordinance of communion. This is open to born-again and baptized Christians.


We strive to love and serve one another through friendly interactions, genuine concerns and authentic relationships.

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